Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson Breakup: Fans were waiting for marriage announcement !!


    It is definitely the worst year for Martin and Johnson fans…… Fans were waiting for marriage announcement but now there is no such hope left.


    It is extremely heartbreaking to know that the couple has decided to break up. We absolutely have no clue as to what is going in their heads and why they came up with such a life changing decision ….

    Why they have split up?? Reasons, rumors and everything……..

    Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson had been together for quite a long time, 18 months to be precise. As per sources, the couple was planning for their wedding and seemed extremely happy together.

    “Chris and Dakota were very easygoing and always seemed really happy together. There was talk of engagement but now he says they have gone their separate ways, which has come as a real surprise to everyone.” says a mutual friend of the couple. Indeed it is clear that this news came as a shock to their fans,families and friends.

    Early this year, the couple flaunted their infinity tattoos in every other photo shoot. Though soon after that rumors started that the couple has parted their ways. The reason behind the breakup is Dakota’s wish to not settle down and have kids anytime soon. This made Chris upset and their after fights and arguments started between the couple.

    The Coldplay Singer, Martin and Fifty Shades of Grey  actress , Dakota never came in public and accepted their relation still it was very clear that the couple was madly in love every time they were spotted.The couple looked adorable and affectionate.

    Meanwhile, both of them are super busy in their professional lives. Johnson has a big film release in 2020 titled, The Friend. We wish them all the very best so that they can achieve great heights in their careers. We hope that love finds its way back and the couple gets united again!!!