Chris Pine’s will return in Wonder Woman 1984 along side Gal Gadot, 2020 release, Plot & more


    The trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 was released a year ago just after Patty Jenkins tweeted out that Chris Pine will return to Wonder Woman as Steve Trevor after his rather tragic death in the first film. And we’re here to answer all the burning questions that fans still have. Starting with—


    Believe it or not, Steve has died and been resurrected back to life multiple times before in the Marvel comics. And those offer some exciting ways to bring him back, but we’re still waiting to see what the creators will surprise us with!

    A History of Resurrection

    Without being a vampire. Steve has died multiple time in the Marvel comics. He was once killed as Steve Trevor in 1969 right before Diana decided to marry him. He then came to back to life when God Eros inhabited his body, dying again a year later. But the craziest plot came in 1980, when the writers brought him back in a complicated multiverse scheme involving the goddess Aphrodite giving him the original Steve’s memories, leaving us all saying, “what?”

    What Happened to Him This Time?

    Trevor died at the climax of 2017’s Wonder Woman after helping Diana save the world. And well, we went through some painful scenes watching Diana pine over him. But hey, he’s coming back! Fictional characters get to cheat death, right?

    Wonder Woman 1984

    While we obviously have high expectations of the movie, it would be nice to see Diana and Steve rekindle their romance. Everyone’s dying to see Chris Pine prodigal return, and the countdown is on. Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to release on June 5, 2020.

    Until then, stay tuned, because we’ve got all the latest updates!