Chrissy and John have made the ideal couple and still continue to be till date


    Chrissy and John have made the ideal couple and still continue to be till date. they had their hurdles but they were cleared. They are devoted to each other and have married each other, vowing to be with each other forever. They are never shy to update their relationship status. They had and are still having many endeavors together.

    The ideal couple: Chrissy and John

    John Legend and Chrissy

    The couple Chrissy and John have occupied a certain place in everyone’s heart for defining relationship goals. The couple has been together for a decade and more and they do not conceal anything from the world and keep it updated. They are inhibited to share anything about each other. In every interview, whenever they are asked to narrate their love story, they detail it by starting from the year they had met. The couple had met in the year 2004 and had worked in music together.

    The Split

    Three years later that they had started dating each other, their relationship started to fall apart as John did not want a relationship and Chrissy had said that marriage is not her goal. She had also said that she is happy to be with him. The couple maintained connections through texts and calls, however.

    The Reconciliation

    After the brief break-up, the couple had, they reconciled confessing that it was after the breakup that they had realized the importance of each other. It was a mistake to strike the breakup and apart from each other. The couple, however, is still together and are going on well. In the same year when the couple had broken up for a day, they had visited Lake Como in Italy. This located is of special importance to both of them as it is here where John had worked for his album All of Me. The couple had decided to enter into wedlock. From the years following their marriage, the couple had multiple endeavors together. They had walked the red carpet in 2010. The couple has flourished to be the ideal couple for the world.