Confirmed: Microsoft will unveil ‘next gen’ Halo Infinite Gameplay at E3 2019


    It has been confirmed that the Halo Infinite gameplay will be shown off at E3, 2019 and it will be its first glimpse of the gameplay since the release of its announcement trailer back in 2018.

    As we know that the Halo series had been on a semi-regular release schedule as each series has launched within the 3 years of each other. But now almost 4 years have been elapsed since the release of Halo 5: Guardians which was released in 2015 but its next version has still not been released.

    But it’s fans do not have to wait further, as the Infinite Halo will be unveiled at E3, 2019. And it has next level features so we can say that it will be a next-generation game and this much wait is worth it.

    Halo 6 is named as Infinite Halo. It’s first brief look was given by Microsoft at E3 2018. Infinite will be the continuation of Master Chief’s story.

    Halo transmedia boss Liking Wolfkill has explained, why it is taking too much time that he has spent a lot of time on retooling the franchise’s structure. He has referred Infinite Halo as “next generation of Halo”.

    Confirmed: Microsoft will unveil 'next gen' Halo Infinite Gameplay at E3 2019

    This game is designed in such a way that newcomers can also play this game even if they have not played any of the halo game before.

    It has also been reported that a new TV show based on The Halo Game will also be released soon. This Halo TV show is produced by GameSpot sister company Showtime and it is already been compared with the Game of Thrones in terms of its scale and scope.

    Its announcement trailer is already out and but it does not tell much about the game. Everything regarding Halo 6 will be disclosed soon at E3 2019.