Confirmed: MTV renews Season 2 for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Release date and more


    If you are one of the fans of the show, you will be highly related to hearing this news: Teen Mom-Young and Pregnant is back with Season 2. This new generation is even more fascinated about teen pregnancy. After 16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom, this favorite show is sure to break the records.


    The fans were ready to welcome the new season until they got confused by the recent posts made by two of the show stars. Ashley Jones posted on Instagram,” Well, ladies. Here goes my heartfelt post about what an honor its been to be apart of a TV show with you girls. So grateful that our cast is full of love and understanding, and when times get hard we all reach out, it’s been a long emotional journey. But that’s a wrap. wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

    Maybe it was just a farewell to the season, and not to the entire show. Brianna Jaramillo also posted on Instagram saying, “Ladies I am honored to have had the chance to work with you all! You are all amazing mothers and women in general. I hope this isn’t goodbye but see you later.” These stars caused an enormous mess amongst the fans. They were quite convinced that the show is canceled.


    The two posts left the fans worried, but they need not to because the MTV show is bound to return with a new season: Season 2, at least. An insider told Radar, “The ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ cast has not been notified that the show is ending. Stories circulating that the show is canceled completely fabricated and untrue at this time.”


    The fans believe that one of the moms won’t be back on the show. They speculate that Ashley might be the one, and it explains why she posted a goodbye message on Instagram. But this is entirely based on fans’ guess, to know the truth, we got to wait and see for ourselves.