Confirmed: Patrick J. Adams will return in Suits season 9, However Meghan Markle bid farewell before the final season


    USA Network has finally announced the release of TV series Suits Season 9. Suits season 1 was premiered in June 2011. In total eight seasons have been aired in USA Network till date.

    The cast of Suits season 9

    In Suits season 9 we will witness the same cast as in Suits season 8. Gabriel Macht will be seen as Harvey Specter, Wendell Pierce as Robert Zane, Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt and along with others. Katherine Heigl will return as Samantha Wheeler and Dule Hill as Alex Williams. New entrants will also be seen in this season. Besides, it will be highly exciting and worth the wait to see the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle do a cameo as Rachel Zane.

    Credit: USA Network


    Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout working in a law firm in Manhattan, New York City. Harvey Specter (Mike’s Boss and senior partner of that firm) and Mike Ross have worked together in many successful legal cases and were a good pair. Emotional. However, Harvey and Mike have been poles apart. Rachel, a paralegal and Donna Mike’s assistant both in the firm helped Mike during his bad times. Everyone in the firm was very well knitted with each other. There is also an insight, about many complicated legal cases, struggles on various fronts which were duly and successfully tackled in time.

    The last episode of Suits season 8, was titled “Harvey.” The story concluded revealing the relationship between Harvey Specter and Donna Paulson.
    In the coming of Suits season 9, the focus is on the fight and struggle to save the reputation and integrity of the firm by Harvey Specter and his team.

    Release date of Suits season 9

    The final season of Suits was officially announced in the Winter of 2018 by USA Network. The premiere of this series will take place in the middle of 2019. It will indeed be delightful to watch the brilliant actors in the final episode of Suits season 9. All good things have to end sometime. However, it’s felt that the fans would have wished to imbibe and savor some more of Suits season. The Suits seasons 1 to 8 is now streaming on Netflix and USA Network.