Confirmed: we won’t see Katherine Langford in 13 Reasons Why Season 3- Possible Release Date, Cast, Plot Spoilers and More


    It’s been over a year since the Netflix teenage drama 13 Reasons Why was officially renewed for Season 3. And we haven’t seen it hit the screen yet, but we’ve got all the latest updates for you on the cast, filming, plot and even a release date.

    The Cast

    Katherine Langford won’t be returning as Hannah Baker this time:

    But all our other favorites including Dylan Minette, Ross Butler, Anne Winters, and Brandon Flynn are coming back for a whooping Season 3.

    The Plot

    It doesn’t look like there’s going to be a new set of tapes or anything (thank God). “If there is a future for the show, to me, it’s about these characters and not necessarily a new set of reasons or a new set of tapes,” said creator Brian Yorkey. He seems inclined to take these characters and their story forward.

    Clay holding an automatic rifle as the cops approach

    The ending of Season 2 caused quite a stir. The finale reveals that Chloe is pregnant, presumably with Bryce’s child. But she’s staying with him, so we’ll see what that means. Then there’s Jessica, who gave in to her feelings and had a heated moment with Justin in the locker rooms. We’ve yet to see what it means for her relationship with Alex.

    Then we saw Tyler trying to carry out a school-shooting after being brutally assaulted and the big finish, Clay, standing outside, holding guns as the police approach. Also, if he doesn’t get arrested then and there, we might see him dating again, after the whole “Hannah, I love you and I let you go” thing.

    It’ll be interesting to see how all of that plays out into a new storyline.

    When Do We Get To See It?

    Filming started a long time ago and is reportedly done with, so soon, hopefully.

    Season One came out in March 2017. And Season 2 in May 2018, just 12 months after it was confirmed. If we go by that, we should have seen Season 3 in June or July, but that’s almost over and nothing yet. Netflix also usually drops a trailer a month before the actual release. So best case scenario, trailer later this July and release in August?

    But a 2019 release date is definite, confirmed by the announcement video!