Coronation Street Star Mikey North Will Leave The Show


    Rumors are spreading that Mikey North is going to leave his show coronation street though this is just a hint and not confirmed information.

    Who is going to be the New Villain in Coronation Street? 

    Coronation Street is coming with a new villain roaming the cobbles, with long-standing character Gary Windass is turning to the dark side. Not only he was uncovered as the factory roof saboteur last month, meaning that he was the one responsible for Rana Habeeb’s death. But this week has seen Gary kill loan shark Rick Neelan too, leaving him with another sufferer on his moral sense.

    As all of the fans know, no character can get off with murder forever and so actor Mikey North is already looking ahead to the fateful day when Gary will inevitably leave the cobbles – although he is hoping that moment is still a good few years ago yet.

    What hint has Mikey North passed? 

    I would stay here forever if that was an alternative or choice.”

    Mikey revealed to The Daily Star Sunday. “However, I am aware that with this kind of storyline and concept is whether it be two or three years, it will come to an end. “I will be destroyed when it happens, but I would rather it be this way with some appreciable storylines.”

    So let’s see what happens next. And whether Mikey North will continue the show or leave the show. It is just a rumor, and if you want, confirmed information then stay tuned with us. We will notify you soon.