Is Crytek planning on New Crysis 4 at E3 2019, powered by Unreal Engine 4


    After the release of the Crysis 3, there was just a grain of information about the sequel of Crysis series and recently we found that Crytek studio has slowly developed into a husk. Now when the studio is working as an Engine company they release a good video game occasionally in a few years. there are a hell lot of rumors are steaming up related to the Crysis game franchise.

    A year back media has talked to Cevat Yerli the CEO of Crytek said that “It will be too early to talk about the Crysis season 4 so even after Crysis 1 we knew what the next could be.”

    It has been a year since the interview was done and new rumors are steaming up about the story of the Crysis 4 and some rumors say that it might be going back at part 1 of the franchise. The Crysis franchise always follows a trilogy and the story of the season 4 will follow the ending of the season 3.

    while in an interview the senior producer has a lot to say about the Crysis franchise future. He said that the Crysis series has a life left in it. Whether it’s in a different game type format or whether it’s expanding upon this, it’s hard to say. That’s going to be up to the designers at the end of the day. He said in this gaming universe full of competition we have built a whole new universe in this Crysis franchise.”

    Some rumors about the franchise says that the studio is experimenting with a mobile port and a free to play model. And according to the statements of the producer we can expect that the franchise is going to do some extraordinary work in the game.

    While connecting all the chain together of the rumors we can just hope that we can enjoy the 4 segments of the franchise soon and many of the Crysis fans out there have already made them ready to enjoy the 4 part of the remarkable Crysis series.