Daredevil Season 4: Hopes of revival among the cast, Hulu in talks to renew?


    Marvel’s Daredevil is expected to return, but likely not with Netflix.

    Marvel’s Daredevil is an American web television series created for Netflix by Drew Goddard. It is based on the Marvel comics’ character of the same name.

    Daredevil revolves around Matt Murdock, who went blind in an accident as a child. He is a lawyer during the day. After Dark, he uses his heightened sense to fight crime in New York streets.

    The first season was available on Netflix from 10th April 2015 and the second season in 2016. Both the seasons met with positive reviews. After the third season in 2018, the show joined with a spin-off Marvel series named “The Punishers.” But in 2018, Netflix canceled Daredevil.

    However, actor Vincent D’Onofrio who plays the role of Kingpin in the show revealed that the cast is ready to have a fourth season. The entire cast is unhappy with Daredevil’s sudden closure, hinting the real chances of revival of the show.


    But what Deborah Ann Woll who played the role of Karen Page in the show said the chances of this Netflix show being revived are “pretty slim” and this lowered the hopes of the Daredevil’s fans. She inserted that the whole cast was sure for a return after the solid final season. Despite the show being a success, Netflix has canceled it along with many other Marvel t.v series.

    Daredevil to return?

    In February, Hulu expressed their interest in continuing to work with Marvel. It somehow brings hope that Daredevil and other shows might be saved. Marvel is also currently developing T.V series for Disney.