Daredevil Season 4: What is Stopping The Series From a Comeback?


    The ill-fated Marvel series on the small screen, including Daredevil, is facing a tough phase. The MCU series was canceled back in November 2018, and since then we came across many reasons that why the series got canceled or is there any chance to witness the remaining part of the story. Well, some ideas are so solid that we can gauge the series can’t have a comeback. While some speculations suggest, the stalled projects can have its future on one or another platform.

    The Hurdles That Stalled Season 4’s Streaming:

    We heard the series was halted due to the close relationship between Marvel owner Disney and Netflix, but there is something more due to which Netflix resisted itself from premiering the fourth season of the Charlie Cox’ series.

    Daredevil, Credit: Netflix
    Daredevil, Credit: Netflix

    The Dropping Viewers Of Daredevil

    Another reason we can see is Daredevil’s consistently dropping viewers even when the quality is increased. Another thing that seems a burden is a high cost in the making of the show. This doesn’t sound good when your appearance is not paying enough to redeem it. The analytics firm, Jumpshot, revealed that the number of viewers watching season 3 in its first week was much less than half of the viewers watching season two in its first week. And this can be proved costly to Netflix.

    Is Netflix’s New Aim Is the Main Hurdle?

    Netflix new focus and aim to bring more original content like ‘Sex Education’ and ‘Russian Doll’ to its streaming service is another hurdle for this imagining superhero Daredevil series consist. If we go by this report, then there is hardly any way to go back to Netflix.

    Problems don’t have a full stop here. The changing showrunners in every of the season is also a problem that, according to reports causing a challenge to Netflix.

    What Suggests That The Series Will Make A Comeback?

    After all these obstacles we can see a new sunrise for the series later if not now. In 2016, the main lead of the series, Cox said that “When I signed the contract for the show, I signed multiple years for Daredevil and, of course, [team-up series] The Defenders – and in that package, there was the opportunity to be involved in the movies.”

    Just three seasons on Netflix and then a halted series. With such a history Daredevil remained a series that doesn’t get a perfect or satisfying send-off. Let’s see what’s going to happen with Murdock’s crime-fighting.