Dark renewed for Season 3: But Reddit Fans are Spoiling it For Everyone


    On 21 June this year, just a few days back, the second season of Netflix series Dark started streaming, and now the show has been renewed for a third season.

    Dark season 3 will be released next year…

    Dark Season 3 will be released next year on 27 June 2020. The season will also be the last in the series. Last month, the show’s creator, bo Odar, posted the script of episode 1 of season 3 of Dark on his Instagram account confirming the release of the new season next year. If we go by the post, then the filming for season 3 has started.


    From the post, one thing is clear that the creators had already decided to end the show in season 3, which is not a bad idea. It indicates that they have a well-planned and more engaging story for the new season which will answer all the questions which the audience has in their minds after watching the first two seasons.

    The plot of the series…

    Dark is a sci-fi thriller which is the first-ever German show streaming on Netflix. It’s set in a city of Winden and explores through the dark hidden secrets of its residents. The show has a time travel theme. Just like season 2, the new season will also have eight episodes.

    What will we see in Dark: Season 3?


    Season 2 ended on a significant cliffhanger. Earlier in the show, we only knew that time travel was possible. But in the last episode, the revelation of traveling between dimension gave the show an interesting turn. When Martha died in Jonas’ arm, another Martha appeared just before the apocalypse. This Martha was from another dimension.

    When Jonas asked this new Martha what time was she coming from, she replied, “The Question isn’t from what time, the question is from¬†what world?

    Season 3 will revolve around this concept and will answer many crucial questions. Which timezone and dimension are Jonas, young Bartosz, Magnus, and Franziska? The viewers are also excited to know about the truth behind the scarring of Adam’s body. The question of whether Adam is really Jonas still lingers. The addition of Adam to the story has significantly made the plot more interesting.

    The whole cast from season 2 will be present for the next season.

    So, folks, you need to wait for a year to get the answers to your questions. Until then watch the first two seasons of Dark which are streaming on Netflix.