Day drinking with Rihanna and Seth Meyer: Tequila shots, pick up lines and much more!!!


    Seth Meyer lived the fantasy of every guy on planet Earth in the recent episode of his talk show. Can anything be better other than spending time with Rihanna??? Who would deny Rihanna’s company and not enjoy drinks with her????

    What all happened in the Day Drinking segment ???

    Well, Meyer played it very smart this time. Actually, Rihanna was the guest of honor in Thursday’s episode of Late Night Show- a talk show hosted by Seth Meyer. The show includes fun interviews, games and much more. But this time The Day Drinking segment of the show created all the buzz. Surprisingly Rihanna was spotted enjoying tequila shots with the host, Meyer.

    The duo enjoyed the segment to its fullest. But Meyer seemed over excited on the segment. He convinced Rihanna to have drinks though she was actually not happy with Meyer’s bartending skills. This means Meyer needs to take proper training before inviting Rihanna again for some drinks.

    Meyer then organizes¬† Rihanna themed cocktails like “Under my Rum-brella” and “Diamonds in the Rye.” Basically, these are some of Rihanna’s very famous songs and Meyer tried to convert them into cocktail drinks. Isn’t that funny ???? In the later part of the segment, Meyer was found practicing some pickup lines, just in case, Rihanna gets impressed by any of them. Sadly, Meyer failed to flatter Rihanna with any of his pick up lines. His efforts helped Rihanna fans to know that she is not a Game of Throne lover.

    They even exchanged life advises and Rihanna was seen planning a perfect date for Meyer and his wife. The day ended with a makeover for Meyer with Rihanna beauty products.

    We must say that Rihanna is always on top of her game. She is fabulous with her singing, fashion skills and almost everything. Hoping to hear her new melody which is supposed to release soon this year.