Death Stranding: A short tour before you continue waiting


    Are you still crossing the dates off your calendar? The good news is that your wait will possibly end in November and the bad news is that the delay will have to continue till November! While I wait for you finishing your pre-ordering of Death Stranding, let’s have a look at every needed tidbit we know so far.

    The much-awaited release of this year, Death Stranding is reported to release on the eighth of November this year. While Sony handled the publishing tasks, Kojima productions were the core of the developing team.

    The nearly nine-minute extended trailer aired recently featuring Mads Mikkelson threw light on the long-awaited mysterious project of Hideo Kojima and also remained fodder for the hungry fanatics for quite some time.

    However, we are still kept in the dark about the exact details of this Japanese game. Though the sample footage of the gameplay showed that it might have gunfights, melee combats, stealth columns, and some exciting mechanisms for exploration, the plot is supposedly still veiled.

    Death Stranding

    However, fans have come up with a lot of theories based on the released trailer. We got a glimpse of one of the death stranding bosses (the trailer shows a spidery-like creature) which is probably the most exciting part of the recently released trailer. The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, former Bond-villain Mads Mikkelsen and Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro are a core part of the cast.

    Reports say that Death Stranding has a fascinating approach to the multiplayer feature. Even though we were initially lead astray by thinking this will release on PS5, it turns out that PS 4 will witness its release in November.

    Death Stranding, as the name already suggests, it involves stranding of isolated cities and reconnecting fragmented society. Kojima shared his views and the original objectives of this game, which was to show the significance of forging connections with people and societies. “Sticks and Ropes” concept involves “Sticks” representing traditional video game features like fighting, combat, etc. along with the “Ropes” representing connecting people.

    For further details, all we have to do is wait until the official release of the game.