Designated Survivor season 4 will finally solve all previous plot holes and Loose threads


    The political thriller Designated Survivor season three which is streaming on Netflix is back after ABC canceled the Designated Survivor series in 2018. The fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Designated Survivor season four.


    The story revolves around an attack that destroyed the US Capitol Building killing the President. Certainly, there are many who aspire for the coveted post. Amongst many, Thomas Kirkman gets to choose the newly elected President. Post Capitol Building attack, Kirkman becomes the new President.
    During Kirkman’s tenure, he tries to maintain standards of good governance in spite of formidable opposition.

    The Cast

    The cast of Designated Survivor season four will remain the same as in season three.
    Kiefer Sutherlands as President Thomas Kirkman. Adam Canto as Vice President Aaron Shore. Maggie Q as Central Intelligence Agency Officer Hannah Wells and other. It is expected that there may be a few more new entrances to the existing cast.

    Release Date

    It may be noted that the previous season of Designated Survivor season three was due for release by Netflix on September 2018 as ABC had already turned down the offer after season one and two of Designated Survivor. However, Designated Survivor season three could be released by Netflix only after the month of September. Hopefully now Designated Survivor Season four will be released in the spring of 2020 by Netflix.

    The three seasons have been intensely interesting, keeping one and all hooked to the amazing political drama. Designated Survivor season 4 will also be a much-awaited web series next year. Designated Survivor seasons 1 to 3 are now streaming on Netflix.