Did Camila Cabello and Matthew Hussey really split up? and The Reason is this


    Camila Cabello the famous Cuban- American singer, was dating Matthew Hussey, who is a British dating coach. Both of them haven’t yet confirmed about their applying up on any social media platform there are various leads to confirmation by the fans.

    About the relationship

    Camila and Matthew were known to be dating for more than 1 year, they were the sweet couple. Both of them were seen together last in Mid May and were on vacation earlier where Camila said that they really bonded well and she’s never been happier before.
    But recently Camila posted on her Instagram saying “ To my fans, if you love me, please do not send people I love and care about hateful things” moreover, adding that it’s not at all funny and they are doing nothing but adding more pain on pain. We exactly don’t know whom she meant and what pain is she talking about, but it all indicates to her fans commenting on Matthew’s posts.

    What could be the reason?

    The news being coming out in admits of Camila and Shawn Mendes’s latest song “Senorita” fans are indicating that it might be the hot steam chemistry between the two artists to do something with. And Matthew blocking the comments mentioning Camila is also a great clue to the confirmation. To add with they were not seen together for quite a time. There are many questions which need an answer like is the pain Camila is mentioning about is the pain of a breakup or something else? Are they silent maybe because they need time to process?

    Heading to Camila and Shawn, they are great friends, though there were and are always the rumor of the artists dating. Hope this doesn’t get to them any negatively and they always remain the best of friends. And we should wait till Camila herself adds anything to the news giving her needed space and support.