Disney is casting Zendaya as Disney Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid after Spiderman. Is this true?


    The American actress Zendaya who previously worked with Disney will be back this time as a Disney princess. The actress will be seen as Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

    The Disney’s had already remade Cinderella, The Beauty, and The Beast and Aladdin.


    The Little Mermaid is an American romantic fantasy movie loosely based on a Danish tale of the same name. This is a story, about a mermaid princess who dreamt of becoming a human, after falling in love with a prince.

    Recently, Bosslogic has released a poster where Zendaya looks like princess Ariel. Here, she is wearing a purple seashell top with a green fishtail and reddish hair. She is sitting on a rock in the sea.

    Fans believe, Zendaya could be perfect for the role of Disney Princess Ariel as she can fit herself in the role very well.

    As of now, there has been no official announcement from the actress and the makers.

    All said and done; we would love to watch this young and beautiful actress to be the next Disney princess Ariel. Zendaya was last seen as Anna Wheeler in the movie The Greatest Showman. Now she will be back with the movie, Spiderman: Far from home as Michelle Jones “MJ.”