Disney’s Lion King upcoming remake Unveils first footage of Beyoncé’s Nala


    The beloved 1994 animated movie, Lion King has an upcoming live action remake. Disney has come up with a star studded ensemble for the remake. With names like Beyonce and Donald Glover in the cast, Disney has ensured that the movie would be the talking point if the year.

    Credits: Digital Spy

    Donald Glover, whose song This is America shattered records last year, shall portray Simba. Simba is the promised king of the Pride Lands banished by his evil uncle Scar. Glover portrays the adult Simba. Simba finds his way home to the Pride Lands to save the animals from the tyrannies of Scar.

    Simba’s love interest shall be portrayed by multiple Grammy winning singer, Beyonce. Nala, a skilled hunter and warrior was Simba’s betrothed and playmate in his childhood. This is not, however, Beyonce’s first venture into films. The Destiny’s Child singer was earlier cast in The Dreamgirls and The Pink Panther.

    Popular comic actor, Seth Rogan will join in as Simba’s friend Pumba. Rogen is well known for films like Pineapple Express and This Is The End. The warthog Pumba, strikes a friendship with Simba during his days of exile. Pumba is often seen alongside a meerkat, Timon and together with Simba, these three form an unforgettable trio.

    The Lion King would also feature popular talk show host, John Oliver. Oliver is well known for his political jabs during The Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. The Emmy winner shall portray Zazu, a wise hornbill. Zazu counsels Mufasa and takes care of young Simba.

    The movie is slated to release this year on 19th July in the UK. The producers hope to launch the film within the same weekend in most other countries including USA. The Hindi version of the film has been titled Ek Naya Savera. Lion king shall arrive in theatres across India on 19th July.