Disney’s old Dumbo better than Dumbo 2019?


    Here comes another Tim Burton’s film! For those of you who do not know this absolutely fantastic director, he has been the ninth highest grossing director at the Worldwide Box Office. He constantly proves his varied diversity in directing films by doing eccentric and gothic films like Beetlejuice along with fun fantasy ones like Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the chocolate factory.

    Disney's old Dumbo better than Dumbo 2019?What’s news now is that he came out a while ago with yet another Disney movie called Dumbo which has stolen the hearts of many Disney fans from around the globe after only a short time from its release.

    Dumbo 2019 was released onto the cinemas in the UK and USA in March and came to the DVDs and Blu-ray on 25th of June. With over a $351 million gross collection worldwide, Dumbo 2019 had a mixed combination of reviews.

    Many Disney followers felt that the plot lacked a lot of reality and in some elements paled in comparison with the original classic motion picture of Dumbo 1940. It seems the film had too many characters that had a lot more significance than they should have resulted in fading of the lead Dumbo’s character.

    Disney's old Dumbo better than Dumbo 2019?From all the ways the plot has propagated throughout the movies like portraying the circus owners in good light even though well, they run a place which supposedly makes animals do things for the fun of their audience instead of letting them free in the wild.

    Looking at the way things happen in this film, it seems like Disney is trying to criticize all the theme park owners while leaving the circus runners unscathed. This would be hilariously ironic due to the fact that the company has invested more on theme parks rather than the traditional circus shows in 2019.

    Nevertheless, the visuals and the cast performances, especially by DeVito and Green were applauded.