Divorce on cards for Ashton and Mila? Watch the couple’s hilarious take on it.


    We all know Ashton and Mila from That 70s Show, and it’s no secret that they have been friends since then.  Later, in 2015, they tied the knot and have two kids from the marriage.

    Both seem very happy with each other and have never hesitated to show their affection for each other publicly. They look like a run of the mill happy celebrity couple, satisfied with where they are, going on about their life but that doesn’t make them immune to the rumours and gossip that other celebrities face. News on celebs personal life fetches a lot of audiences so it’s no wonder that a seemingly happy couple like Kutcher and Kunis could be wrapped up in a divorce rumour.

    SOURCE: Global News

    Such was the case when In touch put their potential split on the cover of their magazine, claiming that Kunis had taken the children after a “dark secret” about Kutcher’s past was “exposed.” In any usual day, the couple would have ignored it without giving much thought, but it was different this time. And are we glad that the couple decided to do something about it?

    The couple poked fun at the divorce rumours with a  comical  Instagram post. We see Kunis and Kutcher riding in the car and Kunis looking at a copy of the In Touch magazine with her husband on the cover. What’s ahead in the video is a damn funny conversation between Kutcher and Kunis.


    Kutcher asks Kunis,  “Babe, what’s happening?” and she replies, “It’s over between us.”   “It’s over?!” he asks in shock. Kunis explains that she ended it because she “felt suffocated”, according to the magazine story and Kutcher seems disheartened(not really): “You felt suffocated by me? I was so overbearing wasn’t I.”

    “Also, I took the kids,” Kunis continues, because he had a “very dark secret exposed.” He looks surprised as he asks, “You got the kids? I don’t get the kids?!” When Kutcher inquires what the secret was, Kunis shrugs. “I don’t know, I only have this photo,” she says, while Kutcher mutters, “it must have been dark.”

    And to top it all off the caption of the post…..

    Many celebrity friends of the couple also weighed in,  Rumer Willis and Demi Lovato applauding the post, that claps back at the gossip magazines with good humour.

    SOURCE: Independent.ie

    We’re happy to know that the couple is not planning to part and got rid of the rumour in the most epic way possible.