Doctor Sleep: First Looks On The Shining’s Sequel


    A sequel to Stephen King’s 1977 Magnum Opus, The Shining, Doctor Sleep is soon to be here. Dan “Danny” Torrance, the then tiny boy who escapes his crazed father on a murder rampage, comes back after four decades in Doctor Sleep, ready to be haunted all over again.

    The trailer for Doctor Sleep follows a middle-aged Dan Torrance is played by Ewan McGregor whose peaceful life is thrown out of the window. A strange, gifted, young girl called Abra comes barging into his life. She comes to take down an evil entity Rose the Hat and her little cult known as The True Knot. Since she can’t bring them down on her own, the two pair. Dan is forced to relive everything he wished to forget forty years ago. He has to come in terms with the power vested in him that he tried so desperately to drown out.


    The trailer is filled with references to its predecessor, The Shining. It also includes the phrase “Red Rum” spelled on Danny’s bedroom wall. A grown-up Danny pokes his head out of the iconic broken door that his father wrecked open with an ax to scare his mother, recreating the “Here’s Johnny!” scene.

    The trailer reuses footage from the Shining, including flashbacks of the elevator scene and young Danny looking down the Overlook hallway next to Room 237.

    Doctor Sleep


    Whether it will be as terrifying as Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 masterpiece is a question only time can tell. Directed by Mike Flannigan whose notable works include the slasher film Hush, Netflix original series The Haunting of Hill House and Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game, it is safe to assume the movie is in good hands and will be faithful to the novel.

    Doctor Sleep stars Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, and Kyleigh Curran. It will release worldwide on October 30 and on November 8 in the United States.