Doctor Strange will resurrect Iron Man and Black Widow back from the Dead, According to this Theory


    Its been month or more since the first release of Avengers Endgame. We still can’t stop talking about it, can we?

    All the crazy Marvel fans are still in tragedy after the death of our beloved superhero none other than Iron Man. Some core-Marvel fans are even disturbed seeing Black Widow sacrifice. The fans aren’t over yet seeing the excellent performances of these characters on-screen in future and they want them to be resurrected. Is this possible? Yes, after all, Marvel Cinematic Universe consists every superpowers, magic mantras and way to bring alternate possibilities. Even in Marvel-Comic tradition, the resurrection has occurred many times.

    Iron Man and Black Widow had sacrificed for a more significant cause, probably the good one. They didn’t die in the hand of villains; rather, they died sacrificing to safeguard half population of the entire world. There’s certainly no one like Iron Man, a true superhero who stood to take down the fierce and nefarious Mad-Titan with just his brilliance and self-made Armour. Now, we all know Doctor Strange is the sorcerer supreme and has the mastery of mystic arts. So, Can Doctor Strange bring the deceased superheroes back?

    Yes or even no. This sorcerer supreme can manipulate time with the help of infinity stone fixed in the artifact known as Eye of Agamotto. But the thing is now the time stone doesn’t exist as Thanos compressed all infinity stones to atom during the events in 2018. But bringing back Iron Man by Doctor Strange doesn’t make sense. It was Doctor Strange who saw the only possible outcome of victory. That’s why he gave up the time stone in Infinity War.

    The consequence of possibility anyway meant the death of Iron Man and if Strange try to bring the Iron Man back all those efforts of saving humanity go in vain. But on the other side, Doctor Strange could do this. In Doctor Strange movie, Ancient One took Strange to a various heck of dimensions. Doctor Strange can tour through inter, dark and bright dimension and bring Iron Man back if Iron Man’s resurrection is genuinely needed. Well, Doctor Strange can bargain a lot. Then there’s Ant-Man and Hulk who can bring our Iron Man back (heavy sarcasm).

    Let me remind folks, Doctor Strange will be back in 2021 or 2022.