Dr. Smith evil plans would shock Robinson Family in Lost in space Season 2 ?


    It has been quite some time now after season 1 ended. Everywhere rumors are doing pretty good in context with the release date, plot, and concept of season 2. But what is the truth?? When Netflix is coming up with the second installment????

    Well, Lost in space season 1 was phenomenal comprising of 10 episodes. Season 1 streamed early in April 2018. After that, it was renewed for Season 2. The series revolves around the adventures of the Robinson family who are space colonists. It is a sci-fi television series based on the very famous novel,” The Swiss Family Robinson”.

    Basically, the storyline deals with 11-year-old Will Robinson along with his two sisters, Judy and Penny. Both the sister are elder than him. Their struggle to survive in space makes the series worth watching.

    When is Season 2 finally coming???? What will be new this season???

    It has been almost an year since season 1. Fans are now eagerly waiting for second installment. With season 2 Will Robinson’s fate will be decided and hopefully this will serve as the plot for season 2.

    Makers will introduce two new characters this season. First one will be Ava’s character, a mechanically inclined woman who is hardworking and super serious between her 20’s and 40’s. ¬†Another character will be that of Commander Jiang who is the captain of the Resolute.

    Till now creators haven’t revealed anything about season 2. It seems as if they want to keep this suspense and then surprise fans. Previously it was assumed that Netflix will release Season 2 somewhere in mid 2019. Though now it is believed that the show will be on air either in late 2019 or early 2020.

    As per reports, it is almost sure that Lost in space season 2 will be up for release in 2020. In that case fans have to wait a little longer. Moreover production team has not released any trailer for this season as of now. But their tweet makes it clear that Season 2 is coming soon on Netflix.

    This season will be the most deadliest season and fans will enjoy it for sure !!!!