Dumbo was a Misfit! Fans Expected a Better Movie?


    Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” feels adorable and earnest because it causes a lot of commotion and emotions.

    Dumbo is a classic misfit. A character with oversized ears that makes him the subject of both ridicule and awe. He’s the kind of character the director has focused on to make it a bit twisted yet in a kindhearted fashion. The circus setting is named as “Big Fish,” with Danny DeVito’s voice once again serving as a ringleader.

    “Dumbo”  eventually offers a “Batman Returns” reunion, with both DeVito and Michael Keaton reteaming together with Burton. Subsequently, the music also comes from Burton’s decades-long collaborator Danny Elfman.


    Moreover, where the original 1941 Dumbo is only 64 minutes long, the 2019 version runs for two hours — eventually ending with a backstory that no one was demanding. The film mainly centers Dumbo, the loss of his mother, and his friendship with a good-natured mouse, Timothy.

    Dumbo has become the McDonald’s of films, technically a full meal, but not satisfying nor substantial.

    While the trailers highlighted circus performances and relied heavily on the magic of flying elephants in the colorful world of Dreamland,  it made Dumbo seem like it was meant as a memorable spectacle. But it was Burton’s intention which failed the film.

    It was necessary to have a more profound script treatment and a better-realized world interaction. But Burton doesn’t seem interested in either. The script doesn’t seem to be involved in any aspect.

    The fans would like much better entertainment the next time.