Dying 2 E3 2019 Story Trailer, Techland Confirms Spring 2020 release date


    This is the month of June and is probably the most awaited month of the year for all the gamers. Because this is the month when all the games whether big or small are revealed, announced and showcased. And one such game’s release date which the fans were eagerly waiting for has finally been confirmed. The Game we are talking about here is Dying Light 2.

    A direct sequel of Techland Dying Light released in 2015, Dying Light 2 was first announced back in E3 2018. Back when the sequel was announced fans were enthralled as they never expected they would get a see a Dying Light 2. But that announcement didn’t just come out of nowhere.

    It’s because Dying Light was a break hit success. It was the first game of its kind which combined games into one. First, it took the idea from of Free Running and Parkour from the Mirror’s Edge Series then added some stealth element from the Theif and Dishourned series and combined that with first-person combat. And voila, there you have Dying Light.

    Techland Confirms Release Date for Dying Light 2

    Earlier when the game was announced, fans were very excited that they were going to get the experience the fun of Dying Light again. And they trailers that were released during the E3 2018 what that even more promising. However, after the announcement Techland went silent. There wasn’t any news or detail revealed by Techland about Dying Light 2. Gamers and fans weren’t updated about the progress on the game.

    But that was until Techland reveal the Dying Light 2’s E3 2019 story trailer. And the interesting thing that Techland revealed is the release date. Well, to be fair they reveal the exact release date. However, in that trailer, Techland confirmed that the Dying Light 2 is coming in the Spring of 2020.

    More details and Announcement are being made at E3 2019. But you don’t have to worry because we are covering the full event. So, subscribe to us if you want more news related to gaming.