Dynasty Season 3: The Carringtons’ drama will continue on Netflix soon


    The drama continues on Netflix with the Carringtons returning once again with even more rivalry and decisive plans.

    As confirmed by The CW in the beginning of this year, the American prime and popular show Dynasty is set for its renewal as the release of third season approaches. The ardent fans of the ‘it’ girl Fallon Carrington starred by Elizabeth Gillies won’t have to wait long as the the Carringtons are in for an explosive entry bringing in much more than what the people anticipate, as promised and delivered always by the makers.

    Reboot of the original 1980s series of the same name, Dynasty has managed to garner views and fanship by the extravagant performances by the cast following the melodramatic script. The story and the lengths to which the super powerful Carrington family members could go to has never made the show dull and has constantly added the spice to the mix.

    When will Season 3 premiere?

    While no formal announcement has been made but it is highly expected to land in October just as Seasons 1 and 2 did. The show airs internationally on Netflix.

    What will happen in Season 3?

    There were many lose ends at the end of Season 2; the most important of which was two corpses found in the Carrington lake – one belonging to Trixie and the other a male (of whom we don’t know yet).

    Blake’s crimes were skilfully labeled as Michael’s and now he’s in jail. Many fans are also interested if things go ahead and whether they’ll be getting to see Fallon and Liam’s overdue wedding in Season 3 while solving the dark secrets and tension between the family members that keep on surfacing.

    Steven Carrington is also coming back, maybe in some few episodes, and Adam continues blasting away with problems and creating obstacles for Fallon that she seemingly can’t overcome.