E3 2019: Don’t Worry Fans, GTA 6 will blow away everyone next year at E3 2020


    Rockstar Games confirmed the existence of GTA 6 shortly after all the rumors that have been spewing in the community since April.


    1. GTA will be released in 2020 but exclusively for PS5 and for a limited time of 1 month.
    2. The set up will be of Vice City for the new series.
    3. GTA will not adorn PS4 and XBOX ONE.

    With such rumors out in public, one can bet about the popularity of the non-existent game series in the present. When it is released, we can only imagine the attention that it will attract. These rumors are though baseless since the developers yet confirm none of them. Only one conclusion can be drawn from them-GTA 6 is a thing, and will be out in the future.


    Rockstar Games hasn’t precisely confirmed the game’s existence, but they have given a crucial hint: when Zelnick was asked a question related to his firm’s titles being affected by free games such as Fortnite, he unveiled that the upcoming games, maybe GTA 6, would not be affected.


    GTA 6, being so popular among the fans, puts an enormous pressure on the developers to work on it as soon as possible. It has been rumored that the game will be released within a year, in 2020. Though Rockstar Games hasn’t announced anything yet, we still can say that the game is going to be a big hit in the coming future. Zelnick’s statement provides with great hope: there will be some upcoming games, and maybe will include GTA 6.

    For more information, we have to wait until Rockstar Games releases any statement pertaining to all the rumors, or until the big announcement of GTA 6.