E3 2019: Fans are mad about the new Final Fantasy Remake totally!


    The announcement of remake of one of the most incomparable games Final Fantasy VII in 2015 by Square Enix had made everyone sit up straighter. And now it seems that the talk has started again – FF7 is expected to make a grand appearance this E3!

    Square Enix has apparently made it a mission to exponentially increase the delirium by subtly hinting about their newest announcements of its biggest games this year. Ranging from Marvel’s Avengers to the fan favourite Final Fantasy 7, every ardent gamer has their eyes constantly fixated on the upcoming events of E3 2019.

    Regarded as simply exemplary, the 1997 game still makes our heart throb with exhilaration with its unique genre. It exposed the possibility of tremendous success of Japanese role playing games and solidly introduced the theme into the gaming world with sure shot appreciation.

    Release and Square Enix’s Announcements

    Square Enix had revealed that the game will be released episodically, so there’s no one fixed release date. The game has been developing since 2014 but only firmly declared in 2015.

    PlayStation released the remake’s teaser trailer on March this year and captioned it as “more details coming June 2019”; evidently the E3 2019.

    Final Fantasy VII – What we know so far?

    Watching the trailer, we spot some of the largest differences than the original 1997 game. Obviously, we’ve come far from the 90s technology and system functionalities and the game has been developed accordingly.

    Midgar has been the focal point of every trailer and teaser shown so far but we hope to see some other places than Midgar too. After all, the world of gaming is expanding.

    In conclusion, Square Enix and this year’s E3 have considerably moved into every priority list known to the developer’s world and hopefully we come to know more about this complete new remake of the 1997 extravaganza.