E3 2019 Xbox Conference: What’s Keanu Reeves role in Cyberpunk 2077?


    The man behind the deadly and fierce assassin John Wick will now show up in an upcoming role-playing video-game. The video game is adapted from 1988 tabletop video-game named Cyberpunk 2020.

    E3 2019 begins from June 11 but Press Conference from the various studio has been carried already these days. Microsoft Xbox conducted a press conference on June 9 at 4 PM ET.

    Cyberpunk 2077 did show up at the press conference. But what took center attraction is that actually the involvement of Keanu Reeves. He was on the stage while the new trailer for the Cyberpunk 2077 was released and surprisingly, Keanu Reeves himself appeared in the trailer. So, then it is confirmed that Reeves is on the video-game and we could control this character.


    The trailer displays V trading some sort of chips and suddenly screen turns up to flashback of a guy dying during a heist, particularly V is having this flashback of his friend. When he gets back in the present time, it looks like he has been betrayed and now he has to take out all the bad guys. Later in the trailer, John Wick, Keanu Reeves shows up.

    The biggest news circulating is that Cyberpunk stars Keanu Reeves but the question might have been struck that who the hell is this guy playing? Thanks to the press release that we know Keanu is playing Johnny Silverhand in upcoming RPG.

    Then you might think now who is this Johhny guy? If you are a true Cyberpunk fan, you may know but let press release do the honor of revealing who he is. The announcement aforementioned, “The trailer reveals one in every of the key characters of Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny Silverhand. The legendary rockerboy is played by Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves (The Matrix trilogy, John Wick series, Johnny Mnemonic). In addition to his appearance and voice, Reeves is also providing full-body motion capture for the character.”

    Actually in the Cyberpunk adage Johnny Silverhand is long gone and reportedly died in 2024 but now CD Projekt has revealed the character and we know he is definitely going to kick some ass. It was year since the Johnny’s last ride. Well, we will know in deep about this unexpected resurrection  of Johnny guy in days to come or eventually on April 16, 2020 when the game releases for Xbox, Play Station and PC.