Ed Sheeran and DJ Khaled Nailed it Together in the Latest Video. FANS GETTING EXICTED


    Edward Sheeran most popularly known as Ed Sheeran, is not a new name to you. So recently the singer had just dropped a new song named “ Beautiful people” in collaboration with DJ Khalid. It is the third song after “ Cross” and “ I don’t care” from his album which is altogether going to release later on. Ed Sheeran the 28 years old is loved worldwide for his songs and sweet personality. The audio of the song was released beforehand, and people already liked it, so now let’s break down the video to you.

    The video and the message with it
    Ed Sheeran always amazed people with his unique video ideas. And in this video, we see an ordinary couple were taken away from an airport line and told to sit in a Limo. The Limo is grand inside and takes them to places like pool party place and yacht. Where we see the parties full of lavish, cool, beautiful people dancing and enjoying their life’s and in the same place we see the ordinary couple enjoying with themselves, sometimes getting awkward, being busy with themselves playing Sudoku.

    And this goes with the lyrics as one should not seek beauty by comparing with other lifestyle everyone is beautiful and happy in their way. The best way to celebrate life is by remaining yourself.

    The music
    Though I m no music expert, I can still say that the music and rhythm with the song set perfectly showing the scenarios to which everybody could relate to. Almost every other people lack confidence by comparing their life lifestyle to others and whining how unlucky they are, but the music shows us we should be and comfortable with ourselves as it’s the best for us. The previous songs from the album were a good hit, and maybe we can expect the same from this one. And if you still haven’t listened to the song, you should go right away and listen to the amazing music.