Elementary Season 7 Episode 4 Red light, Green Light is Set To Shock Fans


    Elementary, the modern take on detective Sherlock Holmes and Watson as NYPD officers, is back with a bang for the final season. And tonight’s episode sure has some exciting crime to uncover.

    Season 7 Episode 4 titled, Red Light, Green Light is set to arrive today, June 13, directed in full by Johny Lee Miller.

    The Conspiracy

    We definitely know that this episode is going to have a super-intense, dramatic storyline. As stated in CBS’ official description “An explosion at a traffic stop puts Holmes and Watson on two separate tracks of investigation as they try to determine whether the attack was gang-related or a terrorist attack.”

    The promo certainly makes us think that this episode is going to be extremely violent and fast-paced. The very first scene shows Sherlock (played by Jonny Lee Miller) bending over a body at the crime scene and saying, “What’s left of him,” in response to a question of “Is that the driver?”

    It Gets Even More Intense

    Sherlock at the crime scene

    Well, they’re investigating an explosion at a traffic intersection that’s possibly a terror attack. You would think that’s enough. But this is Elementary- a world of never-ending deep and dark twisted crime and that can’t be all. Things heat up in the trailer when Sherlock says, “There’s a conspiracy afoot,” followed by a tattooed face with Dr. Joan Watson’s voice ringing in the background, “The guy is responsible for dozens of murders,” making us think that this is going to be way bigger than one explosion.

    The Burning Questions

    An Explosive Case Heats Up is a pretty great anticipation building promo description. But as all trailers do, this one too leaves a bunch of questions that only tonight’s episode will answer. Will Sherlock and Watson discover a dangerous plot of terrorists or take down a huge gang or even find out who’s responsible at all?

    The wait for the investigation is officially on!