Elsa & Anna Are Back With Frozen 2? Why Disney is Making Us Feel Nostalgic?


    One of the most loved Disney’s musical animated movies whose magic hasn’t worn off even after six years of its release is Frozen, and soon it’s sequel will be released in theaters.

    Release Date and trailer:

    The movie is set to release on 22 November 2019. The first teaser trailer of Frozen 2 was released on 13 February this year which became the most viewed animated film trailer in that period with 116.4 million views in its 24 hours. Disney released the latest trailer of the sequel on June 11. Take a look.

    What will we see in Frozen 2?

    The trailers look fantastic, and after watching them, we can deduce what we may see in Frozen 2. The opening line by the trolls king to Elsa that ‘the past is not what it seems’ has all of us thinking that the movie might explore the sisters’ childhood as not much has been shown of it in the first part.

    Frozen 2 will have adventures of Queen Elsa with her sister, Anna; Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf to discover the origin of her magical powers. The troll king also talks about hoping that Elsa’s powers are enough. It indicates that the world is in some danger and our snow queen has to save it.

    The trailer has some new elements like the magical horse and also the old character of the snow monster (minus the snow) which Elsa had created in the first movie. She seems to be afraid of it. Is it the danger that the trolls’ king was talking about or there’s something more dangerous?

    Frozen 2

    Cast details:

    All the main characters which we had in Frozen will be back in the sequel. The voices of Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna and Jonathan Groff as Kristoff will also return.  Frozen 2 has two new additions: Evan Rachael Wood and Sterling K Brown. No details about them are known to the public yet.

    The biggest mystery which everyone is excited to find out is- Will Elsa find her love interest in the sequel? Or will she continue to reign as a strong and independent queen?