Eminem’s dad Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr dead at 67, What does he has to say


    Everybody knows Eminem, but quite a few had an idea about his estranged father. Well, unfortunately, Eminem aka Marshall Bruce Mathers III’s father who comes by name Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. had died this week. Despite Eminem had a troubled relationship with his father, its a melancholy to hear about the death of a biological parent.

    Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. took the last breath near Fort Wayne, Indiana at the age of 67. Neighbors reported that the father of global hit-rapper died due to a heart attack. He was at his home when he died, the family and close ones confirmed.Eminem's dad Marshall Bruce Mathers III dead at 67, What does he has to say

    Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. married Deborah Rae at the age of 22, and they had the future superstar two years later. Mainly being the worst dad, Mathers Jr. abandoned Eminem and his mother soon after Eminem’s birth. He moved to California and had two other children. Due to the relinquish Debbie and Eminem faced a lot of hardships. They had to live in various places between Michigan and Missouri, without stable shelter.

    While Eminem always had an open feeling about never meeting his father again and reportedly talked about this in the media. The rapper intermittently rapped about his father leaving them in his songs. My Name Is and Cleanin’ Out My Closet are the few songs that Eminem has apparently expressed about his feeling with his father. Eminem when sending letters to his father, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. always returned the letters mentioning a return to sender. What a nasty father!

    Eminem always wanted to be with his father that he wondered he ever had a goodbye kiss. Well, dark part aside, Rest in Peace Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr!