Ethan Hunt vs. JB: Tom Cruise Challenged to a Fight by Justin Bieber


    Game of Thrones fans were pumped for Cleganebowl. They were desperate to see the mammoth Sandro and Gregor fight each other to the death. Now we all have something similar to look forward to. It turns out Justin Bieber is a lover and a fighter. The 25-year-old pop star has openly challenged 56-year-old Tom Cruise to a fight in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

    Baby, Baby, Baby, WHOA!

    On June 10, Bieber (@justinbieber) tweeted, “I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you don’t take this fight your scared and you will never live it down. Who is willing to put on the fight? @danawhite?” The tweet went viral, garnering 224.8K likes, 44.7K retweets, and 40.1K comments. There were a lot of hilarious responses. One user, @tonyposnanski, replied, “Tom Cruise was an all-state wrestler in high school and had been training for over thirty years… You can’t eat a burrito correctly Sit down Biebs.” Many found it ridiculously amusing that Bieber had called out a man who is more than twice his age.

    Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber, the challenger


    Mission Impossible?

    Dana White, the guy Bieber tagged in his tweet, happens to be the president of the UFC. He sighted opportunity and endorsed the match, saying he is “100% down with it” and that he would be “crazy” not to promote this fight. He did mention, however, that neither Bieber nor Cruise has contacted him to confirm their interest in proceeding with the challenge. What are we to think now? If the fight doesn’t happen, anticipating fans might be heavily disappointed, or they might brush off the tweet as an attention-seeking move. After all, it did allow everyone to proffer their opinions and exercise their humor.

    Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise, the challenged

    I seriously wonder if this is going to trigger an endless series of UFC challenges on Twitter.

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