Euphoria has Finally Released, Fans Enjoying but The “CONTENT” is Just Too Much.


    Our MJ girl from Spider-man: Homecoming, Zendaya has come up with a new series named ‘Euphoria’ on HBO which has created a lot of buzz due to its explicit content.

    Euphoria premiere date and controversy:

    Euphoria premiered this Sunday on HBO and its already in talks for its explicit, graphic content. The audience is shocked to see that in the first episode itself, there’s a lot of scenes that portray the very dark recesses of a teenager’s life in today’s date.


    What is the show all about?

    Euphoria is a coming-of-age teen drama that takes the viewers into the dark world of a group of teenagers who navigate through love and friendship while being surrounded by drugs, addiction, sex, anxiety, violence, and social media. Zendaya, who plays the role of a 17 years old girl named Rue, is a drug addict who after rehab returns to high school.

    The show is a remake of an Israeli show of the same name. The cast also includes Maude Apatow, Storm Reid, Eric Dane, Hunter Schafer, and Jacob Elordi.


    Warning! Some scenes in the show might be ‘triggering’!

    Zendaya has already given a heads up to the audience that some scenes might be triggering. The show has scenes of rape and self-harm. The actress has advised viewers to watch it if only they can handle it. She also revealed that the first episode is the mildest of all which has all of us taken aback. Because the first episode portrays a fair or should I say, a large amount of nudity and graphic scenes.

    Looks like, Euphoria is all set not to shy away from anything and to bring out all the dark realities, conflicts, and sufferings of a teenager’s life. The show will undoubtedly keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

    The Trailer for Euphoria can be found below: