Falafel Received a Tribute from Google, Know Everything About it


    On Tuesday, we caught some strange things on Google. It’s about its Google Doodle which is a temporary logo for the tech company that is published on its homepage as a memorial to the historic occasions or holidays. This time, Google released a slideshow of the Falafel. Some might have heard the name for the first time but for the oblivions, it’s a pseudo-national, Middle Eastern dish.

    Google Doodle on Falafel

    The Doodle animated form of the deep fried ball also can be termed as a flat or doughnut-shaped patty. Google presented it with words like “the best thing that ever happened to chickpeas.”


    What is Falafel?

    Falafel is a dish with ingredients such as ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. Herbs, spices, and onion are the commonly used ingredients of the meal. Falafel is usually served with Pita.

    Place form Which Falafel Originated:

    The origination of the chickpeas dish is a matter of controversy. According to the records, it’s a foodstuff that has its origin in Egypt, where the natives started to use ground fava beans. “Ta’amiya” is the word they used for the dish.

    Credit: Splendid table

    Later, as the dish spread to the Eastern Mediterranean in the Levant section, the fava beans got a replacement in the form of chickpeas. There, it got renamed to Falafel. Some theories hold the conception that the dish originates from the Arab or Turkish region.

    Falafel is a typical street food now as in the days passed. North Americans had it in the 1970s. Also, the Arabic, Coptic, and Jewish neighborhoods felt its taste in the coming days. In recent decades, the dish had its introduction to Germany’s where the Arab Subculture adopted it with pickles, vegetables, and sweet mango sauce.

    Who Can Prefer the dish and Why?

    There are many versions of chickpeas based Falafel as people have different ways to cook it. Vegetarians or health conscious, anyone can take it. It is high in protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. They are low in fat and have no cholesterol.

    The size of the Falafel also might increase. Interestingly, ten chefs in Amman, Jordan came together to cook a largest-ever Falafel ball. The calculated weight is 164 pounds.