Fans Reacted on Black Eyes Peas new single “BE NICE” feat Snoop Dog.


    The Black Eyes Peas has released its new single “BE NICE” featuring Snoop Dog. This single will definitely make you dance to its amazing tune…….., the famous American rapper and singer was recently a part of Songland’s second episode. The singer joined the judging panel as the celebrity guest judge. He listened to four of the songwriters and later considered one of the new songs as latest Black Eyed Peas single.

    While all the songs were good enough but was of the opinion that ” BE NICE” will deliver a great message to the audience. He believes that the world needs more happy music. Thus the seven time Grammy winner, selected ” BE NICE” by Adam Friedman and released it yesterday.

    In an interview, another Songland judge Ester Dean shared her views regarding the new single. She said,” I pray audience love it because I love ‘BE NICE’… She also added,”It is not only needed because we need the message, but God, I needed some, Black Eyed Peas in my life.” Moreover, she seemed excited about the release.

    Later also said,“I’ve always been about love and joy and just being happy. I think the world needs pick-me-ups. The things that we like right now are dark music,”. “I like to feel in love again. And love is when I can’t figure it out but I just like it. If your significant other says, why do you love me? I don’t know why I love you, I just love you….. that’s how music should be.”

     The song brings immense positivity and forces to listen to it on loop. It emphasizes that mankind should be nice to each other which will create all the difference in our lives. The song has got 40K+ views on YouTube and has already become people’s favorite.