Farah Abraham rises to be a didactic teenage personality in Teen Mom


    Farah Abrams belongs to Nebraska and had started her career in acting. She was first seen in 16 and Pregnant and then was casted in Teen Mom, a follow up of 16 and Pregnant. She is an inspiring figure, especially amongst teens. Teen Mom has its didactic aspects.

    Knowing Farah Abraham(A Brief Introduction)


    Farah Abraham is a reputed television personality who is a singer and a writer as well. She brought herself under the attention of the public and started elevating to fame after she made her debut in the television series 16 and Pregnant in the year 2009. She has huge number of female fans and followers.   This particular series was a didactic one, documenting the first phases of motherhood for young women.

    Farah Abraham and Teen Mom

    After she had risen successfully as a personality in the world of television, later, she was also seen in a spin-off series by the name of Teen Mom. The series Teen Mom is somewhat analogous to 16 and Pregnant. Teen Mom chronicles the journey four female teenagers who are pregnant. Teen Mom is, as well, regarded as a follow up of 16 and Pregnant. Farrah Abraham plays one of the teenage moms amongst the four.

    The dealings of the show and its didactic nature

    The show is not just any random rom-com, portraying the life of the teenagers. It deals with the most serious of issues. Pregnancy in the teenage years is one of them. It documents the troubles of motherhood at such a premature age. The documentation includes health risks and the psychological ones as well and the reaction of the society to all these.  Farah had to face severe criticisms but on the other hand. However, teenage girls who had to undergo similar adversities looked upon her for inspiration. The didactic nature of the show is to revolutionise the society and alter its orthodox perspectives it has been holding for women since decades.

    Farah’s Credits

    After playing such roles, Farah has emerged to be one of the most polarising actresses of H-town. Her unwavered confidence even after reception of harsh criticisms is well appreciated by her fans. Her acting skills has brought her up as a real life character. She has also turned out to be a source of inspiration for many women as well.