Farrah Abraham supports Jessica Biel’s anti-vaccination controversy……


    Cat fights between the actresses are quite common but generally they back off when it comes to supporting each other…….. Though now the scenario has changed and “TEEN MOM” star, Farrah Abraham is setting an example this time.

    Its absolutely amazing to see Farrah taking a stand and supporting a fellow actress, Jessica Biel. Jessica who opposed a medical bill- SB 276, which deals with vaccination and rules related to it. The actress spoke publicly that she is not against vaccination. She further states,” My concern with #SB276 is solely regarding medical exemptions.” She even took to instagram sharing details of her meeting with anti-vaccine advocate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on this controversial bill.

    After her posts and her strong stand, she got terribly trolled and started this massive controversy.Soon Farrah was seen supporting Jessica in this matter. Abraham is of the opinion that vaccination should not stop kids from studying. Moreover the bill should not enforce such strict laws. Kids with medical problems should have access to exemption from vaccines.


    “So I understand that some parents feel that there should not…it’s a parent’s choice, just like with pregnancy, it’s the woman’s choice. However you feel it’s going to,” she continued, “benefit your family or you, then make the right choice. So I think Jessica Biel is bringing light to that.”

    But when Abraham was asked about her take on Sophia’s vaccination. She quickly added,”Sophia is vaccinated.” “Luckily we did not have any issues you know from going to schools. Now she does online schooling.”

    Farrah very well knows how to deal with controversies. She is the biggest ‘controversy queen’ all times. Apparently Jessica should take some tips from the ‘TEEN MOM ‘ star, Farrah when it comes to controversial things. Abraham started her acting career with 16 and pregnant and then continued with Teen Mom series, a guilty pleasure show. This time the actress took other projects and walked off from Teen Mom series.

    Still fans can look up to her because she is often involved in some kind of controversy.