FIFA-20 brings STREET FOOTBALL as a new feature and we can’t handle it!!


    Fifa 20 is a simulation game which will be launched by EA (Electronic Arts). It will be released on September 27, 2019. It gives the audience the freedom to play the game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation.

    Another year, another game. The FIFA series is yet again back with a new stimulation game like always but this time, things seem to have changed a little.

    According to one of the sources, this game is all about “bringing football back to its roots” and hence has a SPECIAL feature of street football.


    The team members Sam Rivera (Lead gameplay producer) and Matt Prior (Creative producer) in an interview with IGN said that the game has a very raw and a real vibe to it and also it is a fresh concept in the field of virtual simulation. It gives the audience much more variety. The skill set of the professional footballers began in the neighborhood park or in a cage which transformed them into what they are today.

    The features of this game are simply brilliant. In addition to the normal gameplay mode, there is an addition of street mode. The audience can build the look of their characters and also there are different game types which include 3v3,3v3 Rush, 4v4, 4V4 rush, 5v5, and professional futsal. The Rush game types do not have goalkeepers.

    In addition to this, the game has introduced the feature of female players!!!

    The end of ” THE JOURNEY”?

    This time FIFA 20 seems to have let go of the idea of the journey. But instead, they might have another storyline. It may be the rise of a new football star from the streets? or maybe something better!

    The locations of where the games will be played are also very original and authentic. The neighborhood cage of London, Amsterdam and the rooftop on Tokyo are a few of them.

    The trailer of the game looks exciting and very well created and designed and seems to be worth the time.