Final Fantasy VII Remake, Release Date and other New Updates.


    Final Fantasy VII or FF7 is a forthcoming action game which is based on role-playing. It is a remake of the Final Fantasy VII (1997). The much-awaited match has a huge fan base and is currently under development.

    FF7 Remake was confirmed to be in progress when Square Enix released a short but attractive gameplay video in early May. The gameplay updated the die-hard fans about the new look of the game as well as the stunning characters.

    This action-based game is the remake of the seventh main installment of the Final Fantasy series, which was published by Squaresoft. Rumors began to spread about the remake in 2014. But the development of the game started in late 2015 by Square Enix, the Japanese game developing company. The official announcement of the remake received a standing ovation from the audience in Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), 2015.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake, Release Date and other New Updates.

    FF7 Remake is probably the most highly anticipated game in a long time. Nevertheless, the game will be much different from its 1997 counterpart. The game will have stylized art as well as modern design. The updated avatar of the characters will be more stunning. It will also feature a third person camera.

    After 2018, there was no update, but fans came to life when the gameplay was launched this year. The publisher of the game announced- more information regarding FF7 Remake will be made available during E3 2019.

    Jason Scheier, the game journalist, tweeted that according to his sources, the enormous game will release in the first half of 2020. If the information is true, then we will see next year as action-packed as other games such as Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us 2 and others are releasing as well.