Finally, Fantastic Four will join Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Confirmed


    The much-awaited game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is going to release on 19th July. This game has seriously grown from its last parts of the series.

    It is taking full advantage of 20th Century Fox acquisition by Disney, as it has included many characters in the game. Earlier, these characters were not included because of the agreement between the owners. But with this game, the trend is about to be changed.

    With this acquisition, we have not only seen the X-Men come with Avengers but also many characters. One of these is the Marvel’s First Family: The Fantastic Four. We have missed these characters in the games, but as things are moving, we will surely see them, eventually.

    Finally, Fantastic Four will join Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Confirmed
    Credit: Screen Rant

    The first of the game in the series was released in 2006. Then, the game featured more than 22 playable characters. Also, many more made their appearance throughout the game. If we compare this to the upcoming game, then there has been a whopping rise of 35 playable characters.

    A trailer of the game has also been released, showcasing the characters which will be available in the game. Ghost Rider and Electra were also seen in action, were teased earlier in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 merchandise.

    At the end of the trailer, we saw an expansion pass for the game. This pass will include content from Marvel Knights, X-Men, and Fantastic Four. Finally, it will be a delight to see them fighting the boss in the game.