“Frozen 2” will hit the cinemas in November, All you need to know before watching!


    “Let it go. Let it go! Couldn’t hold it back anymore”. I don’t know about you, but I definitely couldn’t hold it back anymore. The excitement for the sequel of Disney’s biggest movie ever is killing me! If you, like me are entirely and completely psyched about the Frozen sequel release, you are in for a treat!

    Frozen 2 will soon hit the theatres, taking us all back once again to the magical land of Arendelle (though Elsa is the only supposed magician?).Frozen 2

    When is the release?

    The fact that I can finally say an exact date for this question makes me so happy. Frozen 2 will officially release to the cinemas in the UK and US on the 22nd of November 2019, even though the initial date was November 27.

    It can be streamed on Disney plus next summer or hopefully earlier.Frozen 2

    What about the trailer?

    The first trailer was released in Feb, but it was a short one. The second one, released on June 11th, is the one hot in pursuit even as you read this. The teaser cum trailer has crossed all records of viewership, even crossing the Incredibles 2 trailer and now is the most watched Disney trailer in the first 24 hours.


    What is the cast?

    All of the season 1 cast return back as their old characters for the sequel according to what our reports say.

    Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell will continue to play Elsa and Anna, respectively. Jonathan Groff will play Kristoff, and Josh Grad will play Olaf as usual. Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown will reportedly be playing mysterious unknown characters."Frozen 2" will hit the cinemas in November, All you need to know before watching!

    What is the plot?

    This might be the question with the most awaited answer. Ever since it was announced in 2015, there have been many speculations circling the plot.

    One of the most popular ones includes Elsa having a girlfriend. This might have arisen due to the lyrics of “Let it go” which kind of give off the LGBT vibes. However, the rumors haven’t been confirmed so far. Hence, they remain to be speculations.

    According to what the cast members say, the sequel will most likely focus more on the past and will shed light on the lives and character development of Elsa’s and Anna’s parents.
    Another very obvious conclusion from the trailer would be that Elsa is learning about her powers and where they come from, in which she takes the help of her sister and the other sidekicks including Olaf and Kristoff."Frozen 2" will hit the cinemas in November, All you need to know before watching!

    On the whole, the movie Frozen 2 can be concluded to be one in which Queen Elsa will go on a quest along with her sister and her friends to find out the truth behind her powers. However, it might include many adventures along the way and many more fun incidents that might happen anytime.

    Seeing how the plot sounds extremely exciting, the Disney fans all over the world, including me, cannot just wretch in anticipation anymore.