Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things is Being Trolled by The World but Why?


    About Gaten Matarazzo
    Gaten John Matarazzo is a 16-year-old American Actor popularly known as Dustin from Stranger things. His acting skills have always been proving how amazing he is with the camera. Gaten has been in the Top 30 in the under 18 category. He started his career with the Broadway stage playing on Priscilla and other famous plays.

    Stranger Things Fame
    Stranger Things is a popular science fiction and drama series airing on Netflix. The very first season was released in 2016 following the second season later on and this July 2019 the third season is going to release. Gaten as Dustin played a major role in the series he acted as the best friends of Mike and Eleven and other friends. The character development took a great turn in the second season. In the first season, we see Dustin helping his friends to find missing Will and staying safe from Demogorgon and in the second season we see him keeping a secret pet which in later discovers as a mini Demogorgon when it eats his pets. Well initially the secret keeping doesn’t go well with Lucas, his friend, but later on, they make things alright. And now this 3rd season we can’t wait what’s in the plate for Dustin.

    Recent news on Gaten Matarazzo
    Gaten announced that he is going to be on Prank Encounter airing on Netflix. The show is going to be about how Gaten pranks people looking for a job, giving them an awful experience as their first day on the job. This news got a lot of mix reviews, along with love they received backlash too. Many disappointed fans claimed the prank idea to be cruel and useless. They claimed that Gaten is a great actor and he shouldn’t be involved in such an idea where they make fun of people struggling to get a job.