George and Charlotte missing from Prince William’s Father’s Day photo…??


    Royals have a very big media attraction with many watching over their slightest movement through discerning eyes. Such was the case recently when Prince William recently posted some pictures on the occasion of Father’s Day. Many people were quick to notice that Prince William’s photos excluded some royal members. Thus People criticized him for being too selective with his picture. In an Instagram post from @kensingtonroyal (the joint account for Prince William and Duchess Kate), the couple wished everyone a Happy Father’s Day, just as Prince Harry did with his post¬†showing a new photo of baby Archie.

    People had their eyebrows raised, thinking why the Prince didn’t post the photo with his other two children. While some other fans pondered why Duchess Kate and her dad weren’t included. There were also fans who defended Prince by saying that the photos were snapshotted from Prince’s life while another person gave The Prince the title of best dad by saying, “Happy Father’s Day, Prince William. You are one of the best Dads around .”

    Many fans were happy seeing the photos and wished the Prince Father’s day. It seems like, The Prince just wanted to share a snap of his life with everybody else contrary to people thinking of him being selective. We too were happy to see Prince’s post and wish him a happy Father’s Day.