Get free ice-cream and start your summer on a good note…


    What’s better than ice cream in this boiling summer? Nothing, unless you get free ice cream. Getting an ice cream for free in summer when its peak season for ice cream sale and every vendor cashes on it, seems improbable. Well, don’t be down in the dumps, there’s a company giving away free ice cream. No, am not making it up or pulling your leg’s. You can get free ice cream without any hassle.

    Dairy Queen, the American fast food restaurant company, is giving away free ice cream to celebrate the first day of summer. A perfect start to summer by any means, Getting a free ice cream to beat the heat.

    All you have to do is download the mobile Dairy Queen app and use a mobile coupon to receive the free deal. The card allows customers to choose from an orange Dreamsicle dipped cone, chocolate dipped done or a regular vanilla cone. You can have all the flavors, but the coupon will cover only one. Something is better than nothing, right?? Offer stands for only 21st June. Don’t be disheartened if you missed it, download the app, and hope that Dairy Queen is in the celebratory mood once again. Or buy yourself an ice-cream and enjoy it nonetheless.

    They are doing this to celebrate this summer go and enjoy summer ice cream which they are providing for free, As you know in that much hot summer ice cream is so helpful to give us relief and enjoy our moment.