Beats is an upcoming Netflix original coming of age drama directed by Chris Robinson. Miles Orion Feldsott writes the film’s screenplay.

    Coming of age dramas always have a special place in the hearts. It is deep-rooted in the mind and soul. It is scheduled to be released on 19 June 2019.


    An isolated teenage musical mastermind forms an unlikely friendship with high school security guard. He was struggling throughout his life with borderline agoraphobia. A high school security guard is down on his luck. Their mutual love of hip-hop unites them. Both of them are helping each other to overcome their demons of the past. They push each other to succeed. They are trying to break into Chicago’s music scene. The music from the Chicago scene is one of the most significant influences in the story.


    Beats feature Anthony Anderson in the role of the high school security guard. Khalil Everage appears in the character of a musical mastermind. Work of this actor teen is very much evident. Uzo Aduba, Evan Simpson, Paul Walter, Dreezy, Emaatzy Corinealdi are the other co-stars. You’ll also get to watch Dave east from the breaks. Ariana Burks, Ashley Jackson & Megan Sousa are even playing an important part. You will also get the appearance of Skye sparks, Jeremy Phillips and Breezy Byrd.


    watch the trailer: beats

    Filming of the hits took place in Chicago. Principle photography began in June 2018 in Chicago. This film has original music created by Chicago based artists including young chop. As a rapper and beatmaker, it’s not easy to wait for this exciting movie. Every time Netflix comes out with a chilling trailer. I like the fact that Netflix is thinking out of the box and making content related to the culture. It is finally trying to be universal. And making films for different countries and races.