Ghostbusters 2? Is That Ant Man who is Coming to The Series a.k.a. PAUL RUDD


    Ghostbusters was released in 2016 as a reboot of the 1984 film of the same name. It was directed by Paul Feig on a budget of $144 million and went on to rack up $229.1 million in box office sales. The film received widespread criticism from viewers as they felt it did not do justice to the original. They did not support having an all-female cast. Due to the above reasons, the film’s trailer received over 1 million dislikes on YouTube.

    A Sequel and an Exciting Cast Member

    Notwithstanding the predominantly negative response to the reboot, a sequel is in the making and guess who’s going to be in it? (Hint: He plays the most famous bionic ant in cinema.) If you guessed Paul Rudd, who plays Ant-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s films, good for you.

    Paul Rudd Ghostbusters Marvel Ant-Man
    Paul Rudd

    Paul Rudd is not merely an actor; he is also a comedian. As Ghostbusters is a supernatural comedy film, he would need to work his funny bone.

    The sequel to the original Ghostbusters was released in 1989, and it showed the team broke and jobless, but this state of affairs is not to last for long. They are called upon once more to deal with the threat of ectoplasmic slime.

    Can Paul Rudd bring Ant Man's Charm to Jason Reitman's Ghostbusters 2020
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    It seems that Rudd will not be a member of the ghostbusting squad, but he did joke to Metro that he was “sliming [himself]” upon receiving an opportunity to work in the film directed by Jason Reitman.

    Catch Up

    If you’ve missed Ghostbusters or need to refresh your memory, the 2016 reboot is available on Google Play: ₹80 to rent and ₹460 to buy. Also, you can Google the name of the film and find interesting articles about the original: unknown facts, where the cast members are now, cosplay, toys and a lot more.

    Ghostbusters Original Cast
    The original cast of Ghostbusters