Gigi Garner launches animal rescue fund in her father’s name


    Description: James Garner’s daughter launches animal care fund.

    After James Garner died, there was no public funeral or memorial held in his honor. According to her daughter, Gigi, James didn’t want anyone to make a fuss over him.

    Mr. Garner was a terrific actor. His roles as Bret Maverick in the western series Maverick and Jim Rockford in The Rockford Files will probably live on for many coming years. Another well-known facet of his individuality was his love for dogs. Even when the late actor’s health started to deteriorate after he suffered a stroke, he was always accompanied by his three Silky Terriers.

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    So its fitting that after five years of Garner’s death, his daughter Gigi has decided to launch James Garner Animal Rescue Fund, in the name of her father. The fund will work to raise money and help the cause of building shelters for animals and provide aid in rescue operations. The organization will also help with animal evacuation, rehab, training, adoption,  and medical care.

    According to his daughter, “He rescued dogs and was a huge animal lover. There wasn’t a dog or a baby that my dad did not want to meet.” Even as a child, Garner would go out of his way to rescue animals who needed help. When he was young, he saved a dog named Ginger. He also helped a dog that he encountered in a desert. It seems like animals were well aware of his helping nature.

    Gigi also shares her father’s compassion towards animals. She has been doing animal rescue work for over 30 years. She has trained rescue dogs, launched awareness campaigns to speak out against animal cruelty and abuse. She has also sponsored medical care and rescue operations for many animals.