“Good Girls: Season 3” Everything we Know So Far, All New Updates


    We have good news for everyone. Good girl season 3 is going to return to NBC. It is assumed that it will return and renewed by 2020 on NBC.

    The series cast stars Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta they were renewed for season 3 and while season 2 was on the air.

    Good Girls is based on the stories of Beth (Hendricks), whose husband, her high school sweetheart Dean (Matthew Lillard), leaves her to another woman and in near-financial ruin. Beth’s little sister Annie (Whitman) is hardly doing an any better thing as the divorced mom of a teenager who is trying to sustain and run their life on a very low and minimum wage work for both of them.

    Meanwhile, Beth’s good friend Ruby (Retta) is trying to find a possible way to pay for treating her daughter’s rare disease. This forces all three women into a life of crime. And they got trapped in their life of crime.

    "Good Girls: Season 3" Everything we Know So Far, All New Updates

    It is assumed that the premiere of good girls season 3 will be launched in February or March in 2020. Good girls season 3 will be followed by 13 more episodes continuing the whole story from the season 1 and season 2.

    The question that is hitting every mind for Good Girls season 3 is: will the girls be able to pull off the new bogus money scheme Beth has cooked up so they can start making robbery bank plans again?

    There are other loose ends, including whether or not Rio will continue working with Turner to help catch Beth committing a crime, if Ruby’s husband will find out what she’s really been doing in her free time, and how Annie’s relationships with Noah (Sam Huntington) and her ex-husband, Gregg (Zach Gilford) will confuse out.